Organ Donation

I am Big Believer in Organ Donation .

i am not a Religious scholar to give a “fatwa” about it

but from my simple prospective , i see it this way :

the Body is dead and so is the brain AND IT IS JUST A MATTER of TIME before the rest of organ fall in the death Row .

instead of it dies connected to a machine or gets rottened under the ground it could be invisted in someone’s else life for extra time.

we are not killing someone to provide another an organ , this person is dead wether intentionaly or accidentaly .

from the Saudi Relgious Authority it is “Halal”.

the society is still strugeling to accept .

i look at it from the prospective of ” fa man a7yaha f ka2annama a7ya alnas jamee3an”

what do you think ?

would you register in such  a donation society if available ?

would you accept to sign a beloved ones after death donation consent ?


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One response to “Organ Donation

  • 0new0vision0

    a dear friend of my suggested a smart thing .
    why don’t i post how can who’s interested find their way to the system.

    i searched and found the Saudi Center of Organ

    the site has everything a donor want to know from how , where and when to do so . including “alfatwa alshar3eyya”.

    hope it will be useful

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