Hate it Just hate it

Don’t you just hate it when you misplace something ?

i tend not to lose stuff ,in fact am a keeper and everybody wonders how come i can keep stuff that old .

my main problem is when i really care about something and want to keep it out of reach so it wont be handled, touched or used by “Unwanted” people , i always end up hiding it somewhere really sealed that i-myself-can’t find !!

Like Now , i had the perfect gift that i hesitated to use so i wont Lose it .

i used it for short time ,made sure to hide it and now i can’t Find it !

Hopefully it will Show itself out soon .

i am really nervous and frustrated that am going to leave the house for sometime , Maybe it will crawl out from its place and SURPRISE ME !

i am really dreaming

New vision crossing her fingers Big time


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