Laduree Riyadh- Review

Good afternoon everybody,

Yesterday i went toLaduree .

Launched Saturday 2nd of October 2010

Reservation Only .

Coffee shop menu Only for now which means Several Types of Desert only.

so if you are hungry Have your meal somewhere else and visit laduree to Indulge in Cream Top High Dose of Carbohydrates in every color and shape (the restaurant is Under construction).

we had a reservation and they are very stirct about it (i like that alot)

to a degree that we had a booking for four and when we went there another friend decided to join so we asaked for na extra chair , and were faced with a masked face of the manager saying : but your reservation is for four persons Only , Can’t promise i can get you an extra chair !

OMG , i said i appreciate your strict reservation Policy but it is only a chair !

i believe in Minority rule so after ordering i asked the waiter to get me an extra chair for our coming friend and he did  it with a Big smile . (manager always complicate stuff,seek the Normal people if you wanan get your stuff done).

The place’s design is Difinetely a LADUREE ! the moment you step in you feel you are in europe .

the decoration , music ..etc The whole Ambiance is a 10/10

it is designed as two halls connected with a small walk way .

the inner one is more of ballroom design with a shandilere,painted walls and   half circled couches and puffed chairs and some tables here and there . it is very cozy . maximum 7 tables that can be re arranged to accommodate different group sizes.

the outer hall , where the enterance and the sells point has four different sized tables .more like a coffee shop.wodden tables and chairs surrounded with Laduree specific Green walls . and you can sit and enjoy the colorful Macaroon Mountains infront of you .

the outer area is more public and alive , the inner one is more suitable if you are looking for private conversations with minimal disturbance and interruptions.

waiters are attentive , reasonably aware of the Menu content .

the menu is typical laduree’s style . Fancy cover ,high quality papers and ofcourse LOOOOOONG french names that you have to skip and read the english explination of content ,if you are not a french oriented persons.

the funny thing that the waiters insist in pronouncing the Long names in english accent yet it is written in french , it was amusing a way 😛  a philipino waiter reading a french text in english ! (i’ll leave it to your imagination).

The food Quality is Top . the Ches nut Ice Cream was a master piece and deserves been Called Laduree’s Coupe.

the Macaroons were up to Laduree’s standards anywhere in the world.

the Soft Almond cake was Great too (if you are a fan of it ).

i didn’t try their coffee . but my friends comments about the coffee and hot chocolates were good .

the flow/crowed was managed quite well while we were there .

the bill was delayed a bit , we had to request it twice and that was because the same cashier was managing bills and sells (a bit overwhelming at that point as the plae was packed with sitting and on the run customers)

Price wise it was acceptable , more on the high side . but for the quality of food and service they earned every riyal .

by ending our tour we sat at the outer lounge and had the opportunity to watch the sells men . they were quite friendly and product oriented .

for Macaroon lovers : it is Excellent (its Ladureeee DUUUH) .U Can buy it by piece or ready made boxes .you can re-arrange your boxes according to your choice . they have as small as 4 piece box and the biggest i saw i was unable to count so i guess it was ALOT).

For General Laduree lovers: they do sell the macaroon , brownie , chocolate cake and the Lovely Laduree candles a well 🙂

P.S :

-Excuse the Poor quality pictures ,Mobile captures .

– Loads of thanx to my friends whom were helping a lot in the table set up for the Blog pictures ,bs ya jama3a el table was too small for any arrangements x0x0

-This is not a sponsored Critique

Conclussion :

if you are in Riyadh , Got time and the sweet tooth this is a place worth discovering

but don’t forget to Reserve 🙂

Bon Apetit


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