Toasted Skin Syndrome

it is a BURN !

that happenes from prolonged skin Heat exposure , it doesn’t have to be a flaming fire though .

this can Happen simply from our LAP TOPS .

for people who uses Lap top for prolong time on their lap ,they really should reconsider it .

and for those whom do so they better not have a direct lap top to skin ocntact becuase it increases the risk ,i.e people wearing shorts.


scientifically it is called :Erythema ab igne

other habits causing this : –prolong use of warm/hot packs especially in chronic pain patients.

-Prolong exposure to car Heaters

-Pre-heating Furniture (car massager with warmer,lazy boy massaging chairs)

Be Careful People out there . we don’t wanna see Toasted skin Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease


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