Airport Internet service

Hi there ,
Sorry for the sudden disapearance.

I was really disappointed from the Internet paid service at king khalid airport in Riyadh.
I am a frequent traveller yet I never needed to use such a service till couple of days ago when my myfi decided to shut off.
I was impressed that the browser page instructed me where and how to get an Internet access ( now they r really talking).
Went to the guy requested my half an hour and logged on.
And then I was really disappointed !
The signal kept flickering and rebooting like the most primitive routers in the world.
And every 5 minutes I get disconnected and have to reconnect again by giving my log in name and password and 10 minutes before the time I got disconnected permanently.
My effective time use was maximum 12 minutes out of 30 !

Sorry “almisba7” but you seriously have to re evaluate and consider your over priced lousy service !
Cairo airport have a high speed Internet which is FREE !
At least it warlike this in 2007.when I last tried it .

Thanks god my myfi is fixed and I won’t have to experience this again inshallAllah.


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One response to “Airport Internet service

  • buzfairy

    I was there last month, and bought a one hour internet service. But I was shocked to learn that it wud take them 20 mins to hook up the line… ANd my flight was already boarding… So I did the proper Kuwaiti thing, and demanded my money back 🙂

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