Disconnect to Connect(great concept am adapting)

(can’t embed the video on my iPad and can’t hyper link it as well,so copy paste It to your browsers, it is worth it )

We all-highly dependent gadgets people- tend to indulge I our great ,amazing ,instant communication tool regardless what phone are you using.
I myself get isolated from physically available person and chose to be connecting with other geographically distant. And it is not always something important.

I love technology. And I admire the great Humangous jump it’s providing us to stay in touch with work and beloved ones.

But lately I noticed how much it is drifting me away from people around me , where it became almost normal seen to se people dining out and not share a conversation everyone is running his or her privately on a gadget.
My social skills are degenerating Big time.
I search for the “Ping” botton when I want someone’s attention.
I babble rather than talk assuming that people can read my typing.

So I decided to get myself together and stop the losses and try regaining what I lost.
We set so e rules between me and my BB(I know I talk about him as if his human,am still on therapy) whenever am with friends or family I will keep my gadget away I.e in my purse or pocket.it was very difficult initially !
I was craving
My fingers were craving and my thumb couldn’t stop searching for the track ball and scroll, so instead I scroll over anything even on my index finger.
Now am in a support group. My friends whom suffer the same addiction . Since others who don’t might mock us we decided to support each others. We hang around each other and try to run conversation and fight out cravings.
It is working . We moved from babbling to two words sentences that others can understand. Some lacked the grammar though but they are showing progress.
We can sit for 30 whole minutes straight with out checking our gadgets despite we can hear or feel their alerts ( great will ,I know ) .

The group is growing and members are joining on daily bases.
We have more of an alaagorythm for DEToX :p

What am trying to say don’t make Far ones disconnect you from closer ones .
Don’t let a virtual hug fill the place of a true warm one you can get in a blink.

Invest in close ones as much as the far away ones.


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