10-10-10 Mania !

well everyone i know was making a big fuss about the date including myself .

and since i can’t get married on that date i was thinking about something special . any how it didn’t work for me and 10-10-10 turned to be just another regular day 😦

am crossing my fingers and wishing on 11-11-11 inshallah .

Crossing the news about the 10-10 fever i found this to be the most Crazy irrational act ever :

i appreciate her concern to reserve a special date for her baby .

but to a degree to geopredize his life ?!! Come On MAMA !

and as usual money was used to make her dram come true .

a little note for the doctors whom thought they are being smart by making her sign a responsibility clearance , don’t you guys remember the Owth : DO NO HARM !!

and by agreeing on doing this You did a lot of harm to the baby !

very disgracing sara7a !!!!


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