is that true ?

After the good news of drying up the sewage lake in jeddah lots of skeptical writers had their input .

almost all were questioning the drying process and that there is noway it  was done in 12 weeks + ..

and they have mentioned directly or indirectly the possibility of dumping the content in the sea.

well i don’t know the truth .

i am not an expert in water /sewage system + am out of jeddah for sometime now so i can’t tell.

but shouldn’t they tell us . i mean the water resources company who took care of the project . shouldn’t they come out and answer the question and explain how did they do this project in the very short time ?

don’t we deserve to know the truth ?

i mean if not for the credibility and our right to know

let it be for our right not to eat SEA FOOD from the red sea for the up coming decade !!!!!!!!!!!!

respect our right to KNOW and CHOSE !


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