light at the end of the tunnel

initially i decided not to blog for couple of days as am swabbed and overwhelmed .

but this news got me excited .. can’t wait nor delay it 🙂

i know am over Optimistic but still i believe it is worth it


i know it is still and idea , and no Govermental aproval yet . and i know that such laws take years to be discussed and approved.

but still am happy with the news.

someone is THINKING  . and DOING something.

the saudi ladies married to non-saudi have been a hot topic for ages .

their kids being the problem especialy if they are living in the mother’s Land (Saudi Arabia)

over the past decade + there has been some changes in schooling and university laws but its still not optimum.



for me i used to see it as a life time torture by the goverment for any Saudi lady for not Marrying a saudi , as if its a disgrace that she has to keep paying for and suffer from for the rest of her life !

marriage is a CHOICE ! !

and one of  my rights as a citizen -as like for the male- that my kids get treated equally to the ones from Saudi fathers .

aren’t we “ni9f al mujtama3” ? don’t they deduct the same retirement amount monthly from my salary? don’t i get affected by the same economical changes ? the banks take the same amount of interest on my loans as the males …etc

so why my kids (am talking on their behalf ) can’t be treated equally ???


if  you want to read the full news click HERE


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