what’s going on ?

what’s going on ?

since i don’t like gossip and i hate yellow page news i refuse to publish such a news/clip on my blog .

i read the news in non saudi news paper and saw the video and both didn’t have any element/clarifications of why ,how and when nor the reason the people wanted to see the embasedor for ..

nothing … just people shouting and screaming and almost dictating what they want to record with an intention to broadcast it later.

am not saying their frauding and am not defending the embassy as i have no clue about the issue.

my only question is why no saudi news paper brought up the topic ?

why no one mentioned the action ? wether legitimate or not ?

why is it “HUSH HUSH ” Business ??

when the news paper go Hush hush other “indecent” authority finds it a perfect eco to nourish !


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