Saudi Medical Achievement for seizures/Prof Jan :)

well  for anyone who have experienced or witnessed a seizure (tashannuj /9ara3) will know how a terrifying experience this might be to the patient and whom ever is around him .

for decades it has been medication and more medication and further more new /adjusted medications or doses.

Now there is a New hope for Epilepsy patients , a discovery that will help in sculpturing the treatment regimen with the help of surgery .

the discovery was done by Prof Mohammad Sa3eed Jan  from King abdulaziz University hospital in Jeddah with another  Canadian Physiologist (couldn’t get his name ).

Localizing the Epiliptiform Focus has been there for sometime in literature . alot of trials but nothing solid or established as a standard .

Unfortunately i couldn’t get my hand on a detailed Medical report of the study and results (i will very soon)

that’s why i don’t want to celebrate the Great achievement Prematurely knowing the exhauserating nature of our media/press !

but because i know Prof.Jan personally/professionally  i find myself Obliged out of respect to Announce it even if it is prematurely as he is such a respected ,credible physician ,unlike “showy,Camera lover “others.

Way to go Prof Jan


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