who tried these services ?

i am an STC customer for AGES . and for the gulf readers STC =VIVA in other than SA GCC countries.

and it comes with the package . am a female , Saudi , was immature and financialy dependant which ment i had no sense of money what so ever (hopefully those two qualities are vanishing ad the new mature ,financially oriented and independant soul is taking control).

i know that am “3ameelat tamayyuz” and for me -before writing this – it meant nothing but a “Special” black leather chair in the customer office in the “Tamayyuz” zone which means less waiting time and more prompt  services and few discounts here and there on “albaqat” BS !

i didn’t know about the gifts, certificates , shopping and Restaurants discounts and for sure i didn’t know about the HUGE travelling assestance you can get through STC Concierge service .

well since it is ME . the realistic some how pesimestic when it comes to services in KSA ESPECIALLY Telecom companies i find myself very skeptical about it !

does it really work ? OK OK the site is well orginized ,everything is categorized and every icon actually works !! yeah no “ERROR or net work errors” !

the site is fast , u can check it here and user friendly

ok it aint perfect . it has some flaws when it comes to the design , arabic numerical is messed up when it comes to phone numbers.

My questions would be (to customers ) :

1- have anyone -STC users- ever used their “tamayuz” services ? if yes , are they efficient ?

2-have you ever received any “Tamayuz” Gifts ? pens , calender , mobiles …etc ?

i never did myself but my brother and friends did and am ENVYING them Big time ! as no one of them will     anything close to my Bill !!!! and I don’t get the gifts !!!! THEY DO X(

3- Have you ever had the feeling that your Bill is Fixed ? no matter how hard you work to cut it down it is always the same ? regardless albaqat w special deals and using the Qitaf point it is still the same !!

4- how manytimes have you thought of changing STC to another service provider ?

if yes , did you ? if no ? what keeps you with them ?



For the STC (if they’ll ever read it ):

1- 902 staff said am Golden member , your site says am Silver . testahbilo masalan ??

am requesting an update please

2- I was promised several times since ramadhan yes 3 months ago that i will get my CARD , and till this minute nothing happened , putting in mind that i requested it by phone , internet and through your Office!

when are you planning to send it to me ??

i suggest that you just make it an online option when i access my 5edmati , i can print it !!! simple hah ??

and no one can uses anyone’s else !!!

3- where is my Annual Gift ?? and i would request mine in retrospect !! Yes for all the past year you never bothered to send me my stuff .. So You Mr. STC reading this . Go do the calculations and i would accept cash . Yes CAsh instead of multiple cheap pens, stationary and phones !

and for this year i was told by your staff that am entitelled for a fancy HTC touch screen phone

(i don’t like it though but  I WANT IT ) birthdays are coming and i have bunch of freaky Geeky friends that will flip for the thought of getting it !!

4- is your tamyyuz services for real ? do u really book our flights ,hotels ?

what do you mean by Airport VIP SERVICES ? i would be more than happy to access decent lounges in major airports w bs !

and what is it about the “tiny fine print of airport protocols that no one knows about ” .. serously this gave me the shiver !!!

so now that am an STC customer i will get a small tuny Spy camera , Black toxido suite and a parachute masalan ???

and may i ask whats up with the body guard and escort services ?? 😛

oh yeah and the waiter service ? what is this ? why would i need a waiter with me while am travelling ?  i thought every restaurant has its own ?

and  the private butler , private secretary and the medical “murafiq”  which i need to know what is this ?medical escort ? is he a doctor ? a nurse ? a paramedics ?

My favorite will be SHOPPING ESCORT offcourse  ! but my question would be : he comes with great fashion taste or just a fashion illitrate someone who’ll give me hypertension ?

and he comes with his own shopping budget ? he’ll shop for me too ?? 😛

Mr.STC client (imaginary reader of mine) i drove you crazy .. i must apologize

but am so NOT USED  to the Tamayuz life style 😛 i will need your STC professional help to Upgrade me and my life to the level of TAMAYUZ PLEASE


i wanna be MUTMAYEZA qalban wa qaliban

i wanna be THE mutamayyeza

STC Tamayyuz Icon !!


ok that was tha sarcastic me

seriously Buddy where is my card and annual gift huh ? (the God father’s face and tone ) !!!!

You don’t wanna mess with me STC .. i am Damn sure it was a mistake ……….. (playing with my swiss knife) ..



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