Saudi airlines On Board internet/mobile services

i was on board of an Air Bus A330 in a domestic flight  and i was able to check the service .

i was impressed it is there in a  domestic flight .

the services  called “OnAir” they are providing  :

1- Mobile phone net work : charged as roaming where you can call and receive calls and exchange sms normally  .

2-Wi-Fi : where you can access the internet

and this is divided into 3 categories

a- Open internet browsing and that is charged by MB . 26 MG with 25 USD if my memory is working right.

and you can chse an option of disconnecting whenever the MB are completed or to get charged with bites afterwards.

b- mail check only and that was cheaper

C-Massenger/chat service where it allows you to log to you massengers : AOL,MSN ,YAHOO..etc and receive msgs (and that was around 4 dollars )

the downsides of it is the prices . i think it is expenssive . especially on domestic flights were the maximum trip will be 2 hours . why would i pay around 120 Riyals for 26 MB that i might not use.

i would rather appreciate them doing it with the time frame instead with a Max.level of MG no to be exceeded.


on an international long trip it might be worth it . but domestically No i still think it is Too much .

Plus there was no Advertising nor publisizing the new service .

i checked it out . it was on and was really working . and for the wi-fi you’ll need a credit card number but for the mobile you’ll be charged regularly on your bill with roaming fees.


so if you have an emergency call , anniverssary ,something to say to your beloved ones you have got no excuse with Saudi airline , they really care :P:P

you wont miss an important call afterwards 😛

what i didn’t like is that they didn’t remove the audio message from their announcement to shut mobiles off !!!

Realy guys you got Airbus A330 and installed this service to just brag about it ?

what’s up ????

or shall i say wake up ?

you have a money making machine !!! and you are just sleeping over old cassettes !


for more details you can check this site



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