Al-a7wal appointment online

Yes it is true from today you can book your appointment online for wezarat alda5eleyya offices (menistry of interior).

it is a move towards an E-Goverment.

i checked the site and it is actually working

i will show you the steps and how pro and user friendly it is. yeah am shocked in a god way 😛

1- if it is your first time to their site , you’ll be asked to enter your I.D number and this is what you’ll get:

the only benifit of being a female that i don’t hae to worry about traffic penalty especially with “saher”.

2-then you chose from the right menu appoitment. and you’ll get a page asking for your date of birth(bil hijri).

3- you’ll have to chose the city and the office you want to locate your appointment at and the service you need

P.S: for now the online service is only available in Riyadh ,Dar3eyya and Jeddah .

4- you chose the date and time that suits you

i find it difficult to digest the fact that they have 3 shifts for female offices !

5- You chose the specific service you need from this particular visit to this office

then you book the appointment

that simple !

the whole trial and booking didn’t take more the 3 minutes !!

it is a great site and a great service ..

am still amazed .. E-Goverment is Kicking hard ya jama3a 😀




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