for an unknown reason and since i can’t recall when , i had this urge to get/collect bookmarks .

why ? maybe because i used to be a reader , heavy one .

yet what i collected was so beyond personal usage .

and to prove it wasn’t to book mark only , i started being so greedy about them . how ?

i hide them and not use them at all !

so my bookmarks basically lost their function , their reason to be and their most inner Core of invention.

the bookmark-oholic progressed badly . and continues till today .

for that i like to share with you some of the creative, sweet , special and unique bookmarks .

this is the one made of Cloth . different shapes , colors and length (Boring for me , fun for kids)

i call this the “Thready” one . made basically of threads with different thinknesses, lenghts and colors usualy end with little charms and metal accessories. (New and gaining popularity )

this is what i call the “Elegant” one . Very special . leather or velvet with two metal pieces at each end that can be stainless steal , copper , silver or even gold . you can customize it with writings you chose or even precious stones .(Popular for the Elite of course) 😉

the Classic one , usually made of paper . comes in different colors,shapes and paper thickness . my favourite are the quoted ones . especially with strong , sarcastic phrases .(All times classic,never out of fashion)

Now am Going to reveal the Creative,Fun Collection of mine as i like to call it (contains many pictures and designs)

HELP bookmark ,suites Text books 😛

The Bloody Book mark .. very creative

No comment

On fire , suites certain magazines 😛

Now that’s My Favourite !! CUTEST thing ever

now that’s Creative .

Now we are getting to the Digital Book mark Zone : (Not my favourite though)

the Glowing book mark , works for dark/night readers with ZZZZZ partner around .

That is the Meticulous book mark , for meticulous reader who wants to record the page and the line they stopped at ..

Great idea , huh ?


and now to -what i call- the Master pieces by the Amazing 3azza Fahmi :

a MUST have ,next time am at her store inshalah !!


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