New Dental Invention -Saudi Arabia

what we almost all hate in the dental clinic is the LONG  painful injections ! OUTCH.

the thought of it hurts !

what is this ?

this is the new invention . the new dental injection !

yep no long needle .

has been created and developed by two dentists in King Saud Dental college -Riyadh.

and the site says that this new injection applies the gell first and utilizes the fact that the mucosa is closely attached to the bone in the mouth and uses pressure to over come the pricking needle pain .

(sounds fine . i wonder if it feels ok as well).

Congratulation to the achievers and Great step for sciences and brains in Saudi .

Finally we are hearing Great achievement other than football 😛

i hope taht soon it is gonna be produced commercially and used as i have a tooth that needs to be filled . but i guess am gonna wait shwayya 😛


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