2010 Female leader in KSA IS :

in a ceremony took place in Effat College in Jeddah , Dr.Maha alMuneef received her award in being the leader female in public sector ,from Prince Lulwa alFaisal.

she received this award for being an activist and launching the first Saudi protective children and women anti abuse campaign.


Congratulation Dr.Maha



I have lots and lots of comments about the anti-abuse committee .

and it is not positive stuff .



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2 responses to “2010 Female leader in KSA IS :

  • Amani AJ

    Can I get this comment negative?
    I’m working with Dr. Maha,and maybe I can help you to deliver your comments

    • 0new0vision0

      Good morning Amani , hope you are having a good day so far .

      first i would like to thank you for your interaction and post .
      second my comments to Dr.Maha are on multiple levels : structural ,organizational and auditorial .
      as on the Child protection national program the structure is missing . am sure the committee has scope of vision,mission etc but there is no OBVIOUS structure .things are still Ambegious.
      we -as the public- don’t know who’s who. who is the head , the committe belongs to what ? covers which aspects ?under who’s umbrella.

      then there is the organizational part where we -as public- don’t know to whom to report(jeha mo3ayyana) ,how(phone,hotine,email,fax) is there a uniformed form and when (acutely or later , working hours …etc)

      third is Auditorial .since it is new structure , it needs auditing and i mean intensive ones .
      the paper work of this child protection program has been there since at least 2007 and Dr.Maha has been publisizing it since then . after 3 years where are we ?
      on a micro level u might acheived a lot
      but on the PUBLIC MACRO level . NOTHING Significant . scattered small acheivements that doesn’t affect the mass population.

      I saw o TV how supported the program is from Princess Adela bint Abdulla .i think such a support should be optimized
      to the maximum..
      the program should be reaching every house and it takes a Good media campaigne .. BS !
      something rich and simple.
      creative that touches people hearts and minds .
      not the usual feelingless ,ugly clechea and phrases.

      Amani i talked a lot .
      i hope that i managed to deliver my points clearly , as am sleep deprived for the past 38 hours .

      i am not against the program , on the contrary am a BIG supporter to the idea and willing to serve it in anyway possible.
      but am an activist where i wanna see things done rather than said 🙂

      Thanks again dear for passing by and offering to deliver the message


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