i’ll try to be very rational ..

but seriously Saudi Airlines makes it a very difficult task .

Lately they have been acting Silly !!

like really silly and ignorant .

am sorry to be that blunt but Guys your services are always average at least in my openion because i am luckier than others.

every news paper , every article writer and every citizen “Yet7al6am” 3la al service and ento ya jabal ma yhezzak ree7 .

instead of improving you amuses us with amazing ways of deteriorating even more !

Today for instance i had a domestic flight from Riyadh to Jeddah (shcedualled and we are not in a HIGH season).

the flight number was 1013 aand supposed to take off from Gate 36 at 18 15 .

like usual i went 75 minutes prior , checked my bag , got my boarding pass and got my Late and Chunky kit kat and Sat close to the gate .

checked the screans that said : ON TIME .

at around 17 45 people and i started wondering why are the gates still closed and no sign of any airline assistant.

and the plane is not there too…


i was reading a book and decided not to worry much .

after it turned 18 00 i went and checked the screens again and Again it said : ON TIME.

and another flight to jeddah was announced ! the 18:45 was already boarding their passenger and the 18:15 la2 !!!

i went to the assistant there and asked him is there any problems with 18:15 ?

he said nop . they are gonna call it on time .

and i was wondering how ? it is 18:10 already and the gate is closed !

i sat back . and mumblled to myself this is the usual SA delays from King Khalid airport that i never experienced !

at 18:25 i checked the screen and again it said : ON TIME !

what time Mr. !!!! the flight is already 10 minutes delayed !!! unless 10 minutes means nothing to you !!!!

at 1845 an announcement was made that tere will be a delay !

30 minutes after the delay ?!!!

and no one said when is our next flight !!! GOD !

how respectful .. later we were told that our flight will departure at 19:30 !!

one hour 15 minutes delay !

and no one bothered to inform us except now … how respectful !

you really care about your customers Saudi airlines ! You really respect time and humanity ?

you showed us the value of time !!!!!!!!!!

and just te minutes before they open the gate they got us a trolly with juices and water .. as if this will make us feel better and simply forget about the delay and disrespect …


we got ont he plane and we took off 20:10 !!!!

almost two hours after the actual time and for this no one bothered to tell us that the departure was deffered from 19:30 to 20:10 !!!

3aaaadi aish sar ? ma 6arat el dunya ?

it was night anyways . you can’t say you had  a meeting or a job to catch !!

so 3aaadi was3o el 9ader w la tkabberooha w  heyya 9a’3eera !


i do know that delays do occur all around the world in Class A airports .

and emergency do occur and can;t be managed promptly always .

my concern is the attitude .

no one bothered to inform the passengers about the delay

no one showed to answer ppl’s concerns and questions

simply no one cared .

i felt like a “thing” , a “bag ” with no rights to know and no respect for its time , place and other commitments !

just another “weight” in this flight who is supposed to thank GOD she is reachig her destination at te end of the day .

it sounds like Dark ages of transportation !

when quality was a luxury !

when respect was a nobel thing.

come on Saudi airlines wake up ! like seriously what are you thinking of ?

you couldn’t make the announcing guy say : 1013 there will be a delay to 19 30 at 1800??

couldn’t you make him say we apologis for the inconvenience and so and so is the reason ?

he was announcing like every 5 minutes for flights , passengers and assistants names !

why could’t he announce our flight delay ? and save us time and hassle of going around asking people whom obviously have no clue kaman !!!

disapointed is the Right discription.

i nver expected much from you guys asasan .

no special treats , speacial seats , showers in the first class , latest movies and gourmet food …etc like the Class A airlines

i thought that  preserving my Dignity was included in your services .

but Unfortunately i was totaly wrong !

for that i will be using :Fly Nas and if not

my only option will be flying to and from riyadh through Dubai !

and Emirates will be my Domestic carrier because what’s happenig is rediculous!


I wish if i can CC this to Saudi airlines CEO and king khalid intl’ airport manager !

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4 responses to “i HATE THEM ..

  • bob

    Your post reminded me of this:



  • buzfairy

    3aib wallah…. lazm fee e7tiram 7ag el awadem… how can a 1 hr flight be delayed for more than 2 hrs? and non one comes out and explains?

    • 0new0vision0

      e7teram ?
      aaaaah bs ! if they considered us awadem a9lan ma tjarra2o !
      bs aish agoooool ..

      they remind me wit the STC ma at3addalat w a7taramat her customer ella b3ad mobily !

      Malha ella flynas b3ad keda .. w 5leena nshoof a5rat ha

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