Dubai Movie Festival-Red Carpet moments

since i just knew about it , i had to put the pictures that i …..

lets say that captured my attention and requires a comment from my side ,Here we go

A7la ma fi elsoora , al mo’9eefa 😛

Bushehri .. tasree7at elsha3r gasdi el7elaga esmaha katkoot mablool masalan ?

9a7eb bushehri , m6aggim el gamee9 m3 elred carpet masalan ? :P:P


Hala sar7an , u r still alive ? sorry i mean around? i mean u still receive invitations ?

where did you disappear ? and i can see biwodoo7 system el ta6geem m3 el red carpet .Red dress, Red Clutch ,Red jewellery and RED lip stick .

A7ayeeeki 3la al i9rar !


Maw , the t rue Globalization human symbol .

Korean living in dubai ,with saudi/jordanian cultures and speaks almost every arabic accent well.

Ahaneeeek 3la al fustan (t) Elly 9a3ab ? 😉

the one next to maw .. sorry ma 3laik ay t3leegat .


Haya 3bdelsalam , 3zeezty 3la balik bten7ashy masalan ?

la .. 5leetik fi a5er al6aboor 3shan y9eer 5etamha misk 😉

You are a good example that “Arabic” re carpet can be simple and stylish men ‘3air tahaweeel  (t)


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