Unusual vending machines

it is not only for soft drinks and chocolate anymore

Make up brushes , MAC malak da3i 😛

in case you just forgot to wear urs before you go out 😛

7abakat al shayaka  , wla suddenly u got a meeting , formal dinner don’t panic .this vending machine will save u

masalan masalan 6le3to men elbait 7afyeeeen aw masalan masalan ansarag al”madas” 3la baba al masjid .. don’t panic .. get a new shoes from the vending 😛

and a matching umbrella kaman 🙂


Food Vending machine


Ab’3a pizzaaaaaa machine

how can they fry it ??

Baaaaaaaaai’9 !


7atta al coke vending machine is Different !!!


and finally ,

if you wanna celebrate a special occasion ,winning a bid ,anniversary ..etc

Champaign vending machine !!!!!


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