Skype Blacked out yesterday

and not feeling very well today either .

since YESTERDAY Noon NY time a lot of users found themselves disconnected from Skype in a way or another .

either total disconnection or major difficult lines .

Skype explained it as an error in the Supernodes which somehow connects PCs to phones .

today a lot of lines were recovered and more were still suffering ..

being off or not optimum geopredises a lot of people chances of spending the holidays with their beloved ones even if “vertualy”

come on skype fix it !

a lot of people are counting on you for a warm,cozy christmas despite the distance.

for more technical details press HERE


my skype is working so am crossing my fingers


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One response to “Skype Blacked out yesterday

  • rarminvarma

    Excellent article, a great deal of valuable information.

    Jack Handy – “Whenever you read a good book, it’s like the author is right there, in the room talking to you, which is why I don’t like to read good books.”

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