Jeddah’s rain 2010-clacket tani marra – from the air port:(

i came through a domestic flight to jeddah ,luckily we landed the right time .
we only experienced some terbulance.
after we did THE Rain started as you can see above , it was dark and the local time was 10 30 am !
“the guy insisted to show his profile in my pic , i think he knew i am a blogger or so :p ”

just after landing it got heavier :

Doors were open and just before people started going out everyone was requested to sit and we all experienced what i call “shakky” plane experience !
literaly the plane was shaking and swinging like a little wodden boat in a bad storm . the door was swinging and the flight attendance got all washed out !
doors got closed again and passengers were requested to sit . and then i couldn’t see anything out of the window.
and we were surrounded by lightenings and thunders !

luckily next to me was seated a captin”pilot” who i asked immediately will the breaks handle this shakky swingy thing?
and he -as an Ozy old guy – looked at me and said : that’s a good question girl !! (me girl ? hey you oldie am A LADY !!!)
anyways he assured me that they usualy place like HUGE plane bricks or something so the plane wont move .
wooooof , last thing i want is our plane sliding int he rain and crashing into the air port or the street !
(no more final destination movies for me !)

after like 20 minutes we were leaving the plane to the busses !
and that wasn’t good . stairs, me in 3abaya and my dragger bag !:

finally we got into the “wet” bus:

to watch this “wet” views:

luckily we reached the gates and a nice gentle man helped m e with my dragger , i thanked him but i don’t think i thanked him enough.
whoever you were : it was so nice of you to help me with my bag and am so greatful to you .
seriously you got my confidance back that there are stil some gentlemen left out there 🙂


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