Power of belonging -watch the video at the end

i am not in the business field as a profession . but i belong to a family that business seems to be in it genes .

when i meet with my siblings or friends whom all work in Business field i feel like an alien !
i understand nothing of what they say .

as a part of Misconception and illetrasy , for me marketing business admin,accounting and finance were like different names for basically the same category !
YEAH I know now .. i WAS SO WRONG .

for me marketing was simply the artistic /authentic and legal way of lying,deceving people using MEDIA wether in its visual , audio or stil pictures or all in combination!

again i know i was WRONG !

read here and there and changed my concept to:
Marketing is the art of Creativity . how creative you are to make a brand using graphics,colors and words to be able to mask a lousy product which you’ll end up Publisizing using every way you know to sell it for people who’ll be misguided and lied to about the REALITY of this product and they’l buy it thinking it is something else .
BUT you are doing it Legally 😉

am i close ?

here comes a video i’ve been across that explained marketing to me in a very special way .
lets say it was an eye opener and my final perception is for me to make.

i liked how open Mr.sa3eed ba3ageel left it for us audience .
he didn’t inforce any ideas .
he just touched bases .
not to mention his great presenting capabilties , i am admiring his conceptual approach .

this is a guy who LOVES what he does !


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