seher al emarat Island -Can people stop lying shwayya !!!

i received the picture on the BB mentioning and island in dubai called “se7r al emarat” and they mentioned its the the Dubai’s goverment idea of mimicking maldives islands and it will be for honeymooners…

The pictures were astonishing ,amazing and just spectacular.
and being me i went to google it as i was amused and was already planning the visit in my head if t turned to be true .
well it did .
it does exist ! but not a single travelling site or agency can book you to it . no detailed discription other than that it follows dubai’s goverment.
and in a post they mentioned for honeymooners and another post it is exclussive for Governers and dubai;s elites and VIPS , this swings made me think ….
No discription,No location,we never heard about it …etc
there must be something wrong !!

and there was .
Yes the pictures used were not from dubai
not from UAE Aslan !!
how am i sure ? u must be wondering

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if you take a careful look you’ll find in every picture’s corner there is a label that says Atollparadise .
when i checked it out it is a travel agency for Fine resorts in Maldives ONLY !
and all the picture they have is from their gallery of the 20+ maldive’s resorts !

i don’t know wether the dubai thing exists or not for sure .
but what is pissing me off is people sending UNREAL stuff !!!
couldn’t you people check the sources before ? couldn’t you just bother a bit ? there are obsessive travelers out there ? whom got really disappointed when found out that Maldive’s like Condos in dubai are just A FRAUD !!!!!!

UFFFFFF i really wanted it to be real , and i can go first weekend in feb.


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