The Bling Bling Invasion .. YAAAAYKS

well i can derstand its a fashion thing , as i do understand that it is a personal taste/choice whether to follow it or not .

but i SO BELIEVE that our world is getting invaded with the “Bling Bling” and what i don’t know who’s behind it ?
do we have like “bling bling” mafia ?
some sort of a “StrasS Society” for instance that is pulling the threads in every direction and every aspect of life , not only fashion ?

Seriously .. it is worrying me !
it is not only some strass on your watch to make it looks “Diamondy”
or some strass on your shirt to make you look “Fancy” or shiny.
it is beyond blinging your accessories and phone/ipod.
it is getting more and more serious .. what do i mean ?
here you go
explain this :

why should the FAMOUS YELLOW shower Duck that we all LOVE the way it was : rubbery and cheap be ALL BLINGY ???
WHY ??? How can it float for God’s sake ?? HOW ??
AND why would a kid care if it looks fancy ? it is a DUCK !
A RUBBERY,FAT ugly DUCK ! QUACK QUACK ! that you just made it UGlier !

and this :

WTF ! excuse my french people !
Blingi musculine HELMET !
WHY ?? someone do the explanation please?
why would a wild motorbiker wants to have the BLINGI look ??
why would he wanna convince people that his helmet has white and black diamonds ?? rich ? so what ?
shouldn’t her 0- if he was a real core biker – spend more on his harley or the leather jacket ? or pimping his ride ?
but the helmet ? comeon !
are they recruiting bikers in shows now ??

and this :

same as the above the helmet and skull were the ultimate symbols for toughness and wildness and now …
they have been invaded to be ….. BLINGI TOOOOO

and now i know why Micheal jackson died :


Even the UGGs !

a whole Blinged CAR !! BALA’3TOOOOO

this is too much Blingged world for me !
am shying away .. am gonna be the Dullest unBlinged person !


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