Saudi airlines and I

Since am a frequent traveller and since Saudi airline is the major airlines when it comes to domestic flights in macri kam million square kilometers country of land I find myself obliged to do this.

Be positive and make a series .
Write about my inpleasent experiences that are growing tremendously .
I mint be heard somehow (unlikely).
But at least I wiling venting instead of growing an ulcer or high blood pressure.

Am blogging this from the plane.
Boeing 747 or so .
Was turned to be all coach !!!!!!
The smart one who converted forget that the first class area has limited over head stores which was designed for four passenger per row not TEN !!!!!!!!!
so as a the light traveller I wanna be I brought my dragger with me.and didn’t find. Place to tuss it in.
Non place .and as per aviation protocol u can’t keep it near or under leg!!!

It was taken from me despite my indirect talmee7 that it is not locked!!
Well between me and my blog readers, it has my lap top ,watches,earings pair and the new project file(the whole original papers).. Don’t judge me where safer than with me ?
Not to mention my perfumes and make up!!!(and yeah they are as important as the previous stuff).

It was taken ,moved to the containers and I didn’t get a tag or any proof for collection!!

I can simply wait for it in the line and never get it ,then I go to the complaint office .the first thing he’ll say where is ur luggage tag mam? I will be like : ma 3endi !!! And I will have to overcome his weird start eyes and explain that this and that happened ..etc

W el 3ella law fi Shay missing yoooooooooooh!!!!!
Allah yestur!!!

But am a tough cookie ,got the flight manager and the operation guy got their names and numbers and threatened them “nicely” that if anything goes wrong I I’ll BUG them!!!

Am worried
N my wild thoughts are on: I can claim that there was a BVLGARI necklace and the Cartier limited leopard watch Nd maybe maybe a Malibu chalet :p

I have ninth minutes to think about the most devilish plan to get back at them !!!
The Cold war is on Saudi airlines ,be aware !

To be continued after landing

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2 responses to “Saudi airlines and I

  • buzfairy

    I posted a comment before, but I can’t see it here now… oh well, tat technology for u.

    Anyways, a very funny post. And i wish you find you bag in tact, and your jewels and gems safe and sound 🙂

  • a

    lovely lovely airline..i just from a trip to omra with them..they stash u inside with a false “final call” and keep u in to marinate slowly under the heat of the wonderful insides of the plane for 1 hr before it get to take off and that happened both im guessing its protocol…i truelly felt like a chicken in the oven.

    i hope u reach ur destination without further hassles

    it was hell

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