Egypt Protest started :O

well i received Broadcasts saying that there will be Protesting “rebilious ones” in Egypt on the 25th but didn’t think it is gonna be true !

this is Meedan al ta7reer !

i don’t want to comment whether it was peaceful or not ..
i don’t want to bond the tunisian protesting and the egyptian one .
i don’t wanna compare .
i am not gonna anticipate nor think whether positive or negative about the protesting results … Future will write history soon .
political reforming in general is not my interest !
Egyptian politics in particular is not something i can talk about as i am totally ignorant about it .

so why am i writing this ?
because am worried/sad and ANGRY
and very soon am gonna be protesting against our ARABS MEDIA !!

Sad as i am an “egypt” lover . and i mean Egypt people and not the goverment. i enjoy egypt every single part of it and i enjoy the egyptian culture and people .
such a former influancial country that used to reform our history- whether directly or indirectly-,literature,art,religion,education and more

i admit lately eypt lost a lot if not all of its leadership charm in almost all aspects . but still i LOVE IT !

am worried about Egypt present that might compromise and distruct its future on the human level .

am furious because as usual our media manage to fascinates me with its Failure !

on the acute event i was out of media reach so i can’t judge who and how the coverage was .
but now all the arabic chanels including Nile chanels are broadcasting their usual programs !!!!!!
E5bareyya , 3arabeyya elli “9ajoona” b tunis lail nahar are talking about some financial stuff in another contenent !!!
almasriya too was broadcasting something unrelated but now started a show about the event.
ljazeera stil has it on the news strip !
BBC ,CNN are the only ones that kindly fulfilled my curiosity on their TV and website !

all the private egyptian chanels are going as if nothing is happening !!!

if you don’t know
tara sarat muthaharat f ma9r !!!
u can always cheat from BBC n CNN !!!
Seriously it is hours after that event , by now you should’ve had DATA ,news,photos and Videos whether original or copied from some other Network !!

er7amooooni !!!!!
W ESTEHBAL 3aini 3ainak !!!

if you want to see some videos you can press here,here and here


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