Jeddah’s situation Update

i wil start with health care Facilities:
-King Abdulaziz hospital(known as alma7jar) is Isolated ,all roads to it is blocked . DON’T Try to reach it in case of emergency.
-King Abdul aziz University Hospital (Aljam3i) is announced as disaster area and accepting patients in their ER , Reaching it might be difficult if you are not in the Jam3a district .
-King Fahad General hospital is Open and the road to it is the most reliable and safe .

those are the ones i have infos about till now .

Regarding Traffic :
the whole area is messed up
-6areeg almadeenah is Closed ,jammed in both direction
-6areeg aljam3ah 9going to aljam3a) all cars were directed to alandalus mall and parked there and people were redirected inside the mall as a disaster campaigne)
-all the ways to the previously damaged areas : um al5air,qwaiza …etc is closed !
-the high way is almost blocked from the jamming !

so wherever you are in the rain just stay there . DON’T move !
the north is still in good condition till now .

anything after alta7leya is jammed !

those are the updates i got from people currently stuck in the streets .

The ER Admin in the Ministry of Health are holding a meeting right now !!!

Allah ye6ammenna 3laihum w yerajje3hum byoot hum bissalamaa 😦


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