an Offer to the Governor

since i noticed that your info Team are not that efficient i would allow you to use the internet and my site as a credible refferance for your statistics and planning for you task forces .

and if you need some REAL advices , i can help !
i really Can . and i believe that i would Do so MUCH better than whom ever is around you now .
i would handle you the truth and nothing but the Truth .

and No i am not looking for a job !
i have one that i love .

but am looking for breakthrough you rotten circle of dark /unreliable glasses that you over look jeddah city with which is making you take situation and our beloved ones lives Lightly ..

am not doing t for you
am doing it for Jeddah people
for my people and my City !


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Twilight mentality with Proactive Vision. View all posts by 0new0vision0

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