After more than 12 hours of the disaster
People are still stuck .

1- university students (mainly females) are kept in the safest building available and a large group of them last contact with their families after running out of battery.
Due to electrical flame the electricity was cut off.
So they’ll face their night and fate in the pure darkness !
Without being able to comminicTe with their loved ones ,so physical and emotional darkness and absolute fear !!!!!

2- two schools in alba’3dadeyya have been isolated and teachers and students are locked in it .
One of them ,the water level already covered the first floor .
The little ones are screaming and crying ‘the teachers are panicing !
And the darkness is freaking up the old before the young ones.

3- the people stuck in the way from aljam3a til al andalus men al 3aser are still stuck !!!
And were directed to king abdulla bridge as a highest point to spend the night in their cars till the flood passes and the roads open up!!
When ?? Nobody knows !!!!!

4-accommodation plans suck. Almost everyone I know where told sorry no vacancy !!! I don’t think there are hotels to accommodate such a crises !!!!!

5-lil 3a2ilat faqat is still she3arik ya balad . K2no el singles are flood resistant masalan !!!!

6-aaaaaaaaaaaaaah bas and a BIG SIGH !!!!!!


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