we are not stupid – watch what you are saying

the interview ont he newspaper might me another Major reason for peoples’ anger to explode . ya5i e7tarem masha3er w 3qool alnas , wallah 3aib !

what kind of trust in govermental assets ???
the same trust that locked girls,kids,ladies and gents in their schools ,universities and work places for a day ?
the same goverment that chose to rescue “some” and leave the others ??
what trust ?
you had ur chance and some of our trust last year when it happened suddenly and no one was prepared and we gave you our trust for this not to happen again . but this year ??? !!!!!!!!
how can i trust you Mr.Governor ?? just tell me how ?
to do so , i must give up my most simple intellectual abilities or my dignity !!!
and both of them are the best of what i have !
sorry mr.Governor .
NO I DON’T TRUST YOU ,NOR you authority NOR YOUR Task forces NOR your disaster plans .
NOTHING Mr.Governor !

you are asking the citizen to excuse you ? what ?:O are you serious ??
seriously you made me laugh !
excuse u ? u didn’t break a glass at my house and asking me to excuse u?
You didn’t SNEEZE AND asking to be excused !
Jeeeeeee you really have GUts Mr.Governor !
excuse you gal ?!!!! am still shock

112 mm3 . y3ni 11 cm3 OMG thats too much !
do you know how much does it rain in turkey per day in the high seasons ?
(i chose not a rich developed country here)
112 mm3 “7awwasatkum ya 6weel al3omor” !!!
ajal law tsunami aish kan 9ar ?????
ma agool ella “etha lam tasta7i fa qul mashe2t” !

ba3d 7alat al e7tejaz ??!!!! ba3’9 ??? do you know in arabic what does ba3’9 stands for ? obViously you don’t
or You don’t know a simple estimate of how much people were trapped and for that you thought that b3’9 is enough discription and in both scenarios that is BAD !
let me give you an idea Mr.Governor:
on King Abdulla’s bridge there was hundreds of people who wpent the night there !(i don’t wanna say how much exactly coz i CARE about my Credibility)
in KAU girls section there were “Hundreds ” trapped ! i wont say how much for the same previous reason.
in al andalus dist. there were enormous ammount of cars blocking the way men meedan al bawa5er “algadeem” till the malik road tunnel !
2 lanes for each way, you do the calculations !

about people trapped int he southern areas ,um al5air and alna5eel
i can’t give a word as i didn’t have any reports “credible” ones from there
so i can’t say !

so are you still saying “some” aw “b3d” 7alat e7tejaz????
someone needs to review drs alqawa3ed al3arabeyya aw dars “al9edq” fi ketab al mu6ala3a li sana thanya ebteda2i !!!!

You asking people to be calm ????
how ?
how can people be calm ??
how can you ask kids to be calm when it is raining and sinking and they can’t be in their parents laps ?
how can you ask trapped girls who lost contact with their parents to stay calm when the night is hitting and they have no clue what’s next ?
how can you ask worried parents to be calm when they don’t know what happening to their kids ?
how can you ask people who witnessed your task force abilities last year to be calm and not do anything for their lives and the lives of their loved ones ??? HOW Mr.Governor ???
you flunked last year’s test and no one beleives that u can master this one !
and when it comes to lives i want you to get streight A !
and your academic refferance if BAD !
and yes i would’ve gone and looked for a way to save my loved ones the same these people did!
i would’ve caused KIOS , ITS MY LOVED ONES LIFE !
i would KILL FOR IT !
you can;t blame people when they go Knutts in such a disaster .
am sorry Mr.GOVERNOR you flunked the speech test as well.

it took me 2 hous after reading your interview t reply as calm and rational as possible . and yet am getting Furious Again
that am not gonna comment on the rest of the speech as i don’t want to get an “M.I” bil3arabi mab’3a anjili6 !!!!

-almost every family i know had someone trapped outside yesterday.
from my side am talking about 23 people between males,females and kids !!
that’s my side Governor !!
-next time you wanna make an interview please ask an intermediate school pupil to answer the questions for you !!!


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