Speech update 2

it was AWFUL and disapointing li ab3ad 7ad
mo gad al intethar 5+ hours !!!

the wordings sucked
the ideas were BAD
the tone was yuk
and he couldn’t even face the camera.

he didn’t apologise
he didn’t calm people
he didn’t put clear plans

Total waste of 8 minutes !!!

Oh sorry u asked gently the Govermant to resign tomorrow ??!!!!
Tomorrow ???? OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

W BINNISBA LI MAWDOO3 7emayat albalad fil 7arb w elsalam???
nersillak der3 shukr mathalan ???!!!!!!!

that’s really bad

am not an egyptian and am Furious !!


-feeh mathal s3oodi ygool “since u might end up here”
wajh ma’3sool bi marag !
w bil3arabi al fasee7 feeh 7ekma:
tama5a’9 al 7emaro f walada fa2ran !!!!
-i usually try to be as rational as possible but Mr president pushed the wrong buttons !!!


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