Needed a Break

well i did need one BADLY.
Jeddah Flood ,Egypt situation and a lot of “personal” level stressors were really eating me up second by second.
so i stood up and said :

and since a vacation to me is Breaking the routine’s mold i almost disconnected myself from the world electively.
No internet during the trip except for booking and related topics.
well using the internet wasn’t a taboo but i barely used it and am an internet addict by all/any difinition.

No phone calls pick up unless its urgent and work no matter what am not gonna answer . i decided to politely reply with an sms that am out of country if it is urgent contact the next person in line. (they knew am on vacation GRRRRRRRRRR).

BBM was the only thing on constantly and didn’t bother myself with it much either.
i wanted to Relax !

and it worked MAGICALLY .

The only thing i missed is the Blog .
believe or not , felt like my baby . w i was worried 3laih 😦
if my bb wordpress App worked i would’ve difenetely posted some postes or pics but fortunately or Unfortunately it didn’t.

Anyways am back for sometime now and today i feel like settled and back to my normal pace .
lets see if i can re-Blog as efficient as before.

Ghada , you words have difenetely worked as a booster dear .
am starting to post for You and me 🙂

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