Protesters in KSA ? Chill !!!

well am a revulutionary myself with all the intention to make a change if not Changes along my life’s journey
but through proper chanels.
i DON’T Beleive in Violance as a firrst Action.
not in this particular time.
and all what i have been reading from those “7neen” group is violent letters and announcements !

wether or not it is true , that will be unveiled in few days , we all seek change.
we all want Justice , jobs,claim all the citizenship rights…etc

i know that if i want to make a change it should be genuine and thoroughly thought of not just a blind copy from surroundings.
it should be Original not “rokoob al moaja” !

Think and Rethink ..and 74576576 think before you do such a Dramatic Major move !

am waiting for Friday and since i don’t beleive in it am not gonna post any Rumor messages nor infos about location,time and plans .


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