Very Disturbing video

i find it so bothering . the way , tone ,choice of words and the direction and implication .
plus i dont know how true is that !
the way she is squeezing Qur2an to support her assumption is UNTOLERABLE !

why is she directing all this Rage and anger towards Saudi Arabia and its Ruler ?
is it because we didn’t have a revolution ?
is it because we are HUGE investors in Egypt ?

come on Lady .. Be objective please ..i follow the news and we didn’t hear anything about the King Abdulla’s speech ur talking about .
plus if it was just a Rumer u can’t set a trial and judge upon that .
Your lack on knowledge and sense is obvious since u started assuming that the Saudis are All Beduins !
and since we are way more mature and objective than YOU , WE WONT GO around swearing and judging the Egyptian citizens based on a Rediculous person ..
we know that there are alwasy MUTANT FReaks in every civilization who are not the rule 😉

Chill and i would highly recommend that u Stay f meedan al ta7reeeer :P:P


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