what i miss about Egypt(Personal Scope)

well since am a Cairo-holic , i thought i would Randomly chose to post something i MISS about Cairo mainly and egypt on a bigger scale.

since the Revolution i’ve been aching about cairo and my memories there.
for someone who visits it at least twice per year (6 times /year was the highest record) am craving badly .
it has been 14 months since my last visit and i have no clue when am i gonna pass by it 😦


Aldiwan Book store is not just a bookshop.
it is an Experience you have to go through when u visit cairo.
aint fancy or huge . no collectables or limited editions ..
it is just around the corner neat book shop with an edge.

Along with the arabic and english books,recent releases,top sellers and classics you would see the reproducible Arts.
classics DVDS OF old musics,plays and movies.
Elvis best sellers next to Um Kulthoom’s and other french singers.

I love their stationary .. JUST LOVE IT
i am a notebook worm and i collect those lil special stuff they have.
those are last year’s collectibles :

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cute,so egyptian cultures and great top standard finishing n paper quality

i Miss al DIWAN experience everytime i come out from Abolseed restaurant in Alzamalik 😦
to capture a glimpse of what am talking about visiti Aldiwan site


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4 responses to “what i miss about Egypt(Personal Scope)

  • a

    oh my god! ru me!……im starting to think i have multiple personalities and u are the one who blogs! ;p

    exactly the same craving..its been since late march last yr…im miss it..nothing like it…and most thing i miss about it is book shopping experience…from madboli to diwan and lunch before going there at abo el sid..dont tell me for koshari!!

    do u rememebr my first comment on ur blog was about the book fare..we jinxed it! i wish ma gelna we want to go..hahahahhaa…just excepted the bookshop hopping from time to time 😉

    i should one day meet you in cairo..ok i will stop the jinxing now ;p

  • 0new0vision0

    A, looooool
    i like the Blogging you Personality 🙂

    well we didn’t jinxed anything Sister 😛 it is ALTHAWRA w Alnizam :P:P

    loved that there is someone in this wild world web who share the same craving

    and bTW i was there last Feb ..

  • a

    yeah i know and im happy for them..very..it was about time..but couldnt they wait until bookfair was over! thats what im talking about..the best 3 months u could enjoy the best cairo weather from jan to march.

    yes sis cheers to the craving we share 😉

    hope everything will normal enough for tourism soon.

  • 0new0vision0

    hope so too 🙂
    i love cairo all throught the year but my Fav ofcourse from december til april
    to avoid the summer fever

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