interested in the Royal Wedding.. NOT

i might be one among a very small (minute) group whom the royal wedding meant Nothing to.
well at least those minute group aint on my friends list nor BBM list which has turned to Kate’s and william’s fans page.

oh the fun exceeded this and they started broadcasting their view of the wedding and its arrangements. every single detail was there . i am sure the packingham’s palace protocol team would really appreciate how much an observer critiques my friends are they might consider their experties on harry’s wedding to avoid the molecular cellualar mistakes 😛

Come on girls !

Chill .. relax

it is not i didn’t watch it . well after jUM3A PRAYERs my Mom wanted to see the bride’s dress.
(even mom got the fever)
so i saw the scene where the RING -couldnt help not to witness it – was a bit too tight on kate. it took william a while and couple of “spins” to get it in.

that was my part. and then i went to lunch .(not gonna miss lunch for the wedding no matter how royal it is ) !!

guess what ? the restaurant was Almost empty. and it is usually packed and if you don’t reserve a night before you are almost doomed to get in. they accomodated us with an hour prior reservation !

and guess why?
People are watching the royal wedding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

men jid ?
is that serious ?
is the fever that bad ?

Come on ?????
i just can’t get it

because he is Diana’s son ? he doesn’t have anything from her except the ring 😛
who he gave it to Miss midelton.
he is a miniture of his dad ,Blonder copy !
he is Dull and wearing a red suite .. i wished to Add a red clown nose to fit that outfit :P:P
even while standing he was slummed . Madri ma 3ajabni 😛
she was the Queen of hearts !
not Kate !
you are mixing things up !!

Kate aint diana’s substitute no matter how hard the media and her are trying to get framed into Diana’s frame.
I don’t care she will be Princess of Wales !! she aINT GONNA BE dIANA !
Diana was not an angel . and am not an absolute fan of her neither
but can’t deny the amazing charisma and pure attractiveness she was blessed with .
she would make killing a person if done by her is like the most merciful thing in the world :P:P:P:P

anyways ..
why is all the people around me are so into the wedding ?
come on don’t tell me it is for the kiss ??!!!
Allah ye5alli fox movies ma 7aramatna !!

or is it Queen elizabeth and her yellow sunshine dress??
i would understand my grandmother watching !

is it the Hat hot couture ? are we so disprate for this fashion ??
Allah yestor ma t9eer mo’9a f afra7na w kol wa7da teji labsa “Za3boo6” bs !!!

or are my friends looking for a Single duke to merry ?
tara mahom muslemeen 😛

or maybe they were spotting the “mUSLIM” dIPLOMAT aTTENDING ?

Girls .. lets go for coffee and please take off the royal wedding hat or am gonna take it off your head really HARD !!


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