GCC New decision – MUST READ

aint a politition and it is not an area of interest to me.
but as a citizen i have a lot of questions ..
and i believe that such a dicessions should be clearer and explained fully.
in Saudi news papers it was : GCC welcoming Morocco and Jordan .. welcoming ??
is that a decision ? an invitation or what ?

Alriyadh newspaper :

Alwatan has a much better coverage and they mentioned that they are accepting the Jordanian request to join , and requesting Morocco to consider joining ?!! Hmmmmmm :

well as a citizen i find it confusing ..
i thought GCC stood for Gulf CoOPERATION Council . and by Gulf i thought they meant the Arabian gulf which the 6 countries overlook.

when Yemen was agreed to join they said it was a limited cooperation + it made since that the whole peninsula to be in , as Geografically speaking . so it will be a whole Unit.
hmmm( mablooo3a )

but they decline iraq … hmmmmmm ! (confusion) can be explained due to the rediculous invasion. but truly speaking i have no historical clue when did Iraq requested to join exactly .

we do share some geography with Jordan .. and the Hashimi back ground . not to forget el nasab m3 m7ammad bin rashid 😉
Wo hoooooo Princess Haya wallah was6a
so mumkin ABLA3HA b shwayyat Pepsi ..

bs Morocco .. wallah GWEYYAAAAAAAAAA.
no geography. No back ground sharing .no APPARENT NASAB. NOTHING !
GCC actually had to jump 3 -4 countries to get to morocco .
why not Egypt ? why not Sudan ? Algeria ? tunisia ?
and according to the newspapers we are -GCC- suggesting they apply .we are actually inviting them .
well i can see why they don’t want Egypt and tunisia .. A lot of troubles and Revolutions !! Yayks!!
Sudan is devided w mashakil ..
Algerians are revolutionary by nature and things aint that stable there too.
but Morocco and Jordan are both over the edge too.
cooking revolutions and unhappy citizen . week or very vulnerable goverments.
the only thing in common that they are KINGDOMS !
Royal Blood.
Ok at least i found something in common .
is there a new Nasab cooking up there 😉 ?
well we all know how/what GCC males like in Morocco 😉
and we know that the XX Factor all through history has influenced politics and Goverment indirectly or directly depending on the type of relation and the strength of such bonds ;););)

as a layman/woman and a citizen of the former called GCC i must clear few stuff:
– am not against unions of any kinds but i refuses ambigious ones
– i respect races and don’t believe in the noble race .
– i demand an explaination . simplest right . they will be my GCC Brothers and sisters
– completing point number one and so no one will make fun anymore i suggest you change the GCC NAME. Well it wont be surving the purpose .

Sara7a i would’ve expected Lebanon sara7a waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before Morocco .
bs akeed elshyoo5 ab5a9 😉

lets wait somewhere i should find a detailed report ..
till then i will continue mocking

RJ 😉


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