new Saudi Vblogger -Aish elli :) and M1sho :P

my newest discovery

in case you don’t know Misho he is referring to , check this Link
YES he has a M1SHO chanel :p

well in a lot of videos i feel that Misho is Faking it . not as spontanious as a KID is supposed to be .
and i believe he has a lot of wrong Video lables . check Misho in Jeddah .
Unless he is talking about another Jeddah ,this Ain’t Jeddah ‘3air 7aggti 😉
Ok let me be more objective one shot with his sleaveless shirt MIGHT and i repeat MIGHT be in jeddah but the rest is not. since when we have public beaches in J-town ?
and since when do we have open air restaurant with girls n guys in their bathing suites and hanging flower bowls and baby lamps ?
and since when we have THI(far eastern Masoos) for KIDS ??
and since when AL7ALAGA (SOOG ALSAMAK ) writes the fish names o labels not to mention in ENGLISH ;)?

Obviosuly misho you are Talking of another Jeddah 😉
like the OTHER Riyadh you were sand skiing in 😉

Bas tara misho aint to blame , fareeq el e3dad huwwa alsabab fil esha3at he is 5-6 year old after all 😉
wala la ya ABo mesh3al ;;;;)


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