Saudi Expo in Toronto,Canada 2011

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took place on the 2nd of July 2011
venue : Dundas Square ,Downtown Toronto city
from 12 noon till 8 pm

the opening ceremony and the Saudi Embassador word:

the Hostess was JUST AMAZING ! and before you start asking she is SAUDI 😉

the whole Event was visioned,designed,arranged and produced by Saudi students living in toronto
aiming to show the residents of Toronto city a glimpse of the true saudi society without any Media -intentional or non intentional-Biass.

it was a TRUE Saudi day from A-Z.
Even the weather was Saudi 🙂 32C is so not canadian .

the Dundas Square was filled all the time . and i mean TOTALLY PACKED at all times.

the Historical and Geographical tents were informative to all the non arabs who simply didn’t know where do we exist .
and for those who knew that we are somewhere in the middle east far away , they were surprised to know that we have natural falls,coasts,mountains and farms and not only desert.

in the Saudi People and event tent they were able to visualize the Diversity of our cultures,ethnicity and utters.
they had an idea about the traditional clothes that varies tremendously according to the region.

in the Economic and modern saudi tent .
two things astonished them
1- that we don’t live in tents ! and that we have sky high towers ,modern designs and architectures .
2-that the fuel price was only 13 Canadian cent /L ! (some of them were FURIOUS )

in the Makka and Madeena tent it was more of a spiritual tour through the two cities .
it was a magical corner with all the audiovisual aids used by the team .
(it was announced after that 3 non muslims converted to islam after the event )

the Active tents were great too ,and i mean people were in lines for the :
1- Original bedoen tent (bait al sha3ar) . it was amazing . original ,huge and furnished completely with everything you would find in an original bait sha3ar back home .
visitors were able to try Arabic coffee,dates,klaija,laddo,hareesa..etc

2- the Calligraphy tent was great . every guest has the chance to get his/her name wrtten in arabic as a give away gift .

3-photo booth was fun as well ,as every guest was able to take a photo in a semi-tent set up back ground
and the fun part that the pictures were handled instantly .

4- The performing team did a GREAT AMAZING JOB .
showed the traditional dances of almost every region and they were dressed up in just the right outfits !
i am sure it took them a lot of time ,effort and dedication .

i was so impressed how all the students were so dedicated ,loyal and working with this GREAT WILL !


yet it is a team work show ,The guy behind this successful day ,the mind who thought of it,worked for,and collaborated all the people and resources together is : BADR ALHALAWANI .

and the girl who made the design,logos,certificate out of scratch and stood over the production herself till the last minute which cost her not seeing half of the event is the Brilliant Graphic designer: NEEVEEN BAHADUR .

Am sure every group loved their team leader but i must say : ABDULLAH ALDAMMAK is OUTSTANDING TEAM LEADER in every way possible .
on behalf of the Expo team i want you to know how Happy we are working with you . coming to the meeting and working was never as much fun as it was with your group.
the harmony you created and made sure it continues made each and everyone comes with a great energy .

The funny part that the ceremony ended at 20:00 and the crowed just didn’t leave .
it stayed fairly packed till around 22:00 🙂


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