Rashid almajid,Seriously !

lately i have difficulty remembering his songs rhythm or lyrics and i thought it is an early Alzhiemer form
but lately i figured it out .

same music ( Emarati rhytm and almost always same composer F.alsa3eed)
similarity in lyrics , you’ll almost always find such lyrics: Dubai,emarat,shams,3roos,fatmah,maryam,’6alam,dahar,gadar.
and ofcourse it is mexxed along with the usual scenario of 7ob shoag,wala3 w ‘3ayab,frag w safar,5eyana,abookom 3la abo al7ob (usual arabic song themes).

so when i listened to his latest hits i was so not impressed and couldn’t even remember the songs theme when they were done .

Messages in a bottle:
1-Rashid you used to make Great Hits when you USED to launch Normal albums , since you depended on Single releases i can’t remember a SINGLE GREAT HIT . i know it is my OWN opinion but for me it counts 😛

2-just a lil reminder : there are other music composers than Alsa3eed and waleed al shami out there .
and am sure there are other GCC poets that can use more word varieties

i’ll leave you of the two new hits i went across tonight:

wish tabi (salamtak 6al 3omrak ma nabi shai ) !!


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