Crumbled Clothes – SIGH

i couldn’t not notice the percentage of people around me go around in crumbled clothes
and no i don’t mean crumbled cool fabrics.
i mean squashy trashy un-ironed crumbled Utter !

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what happened to the OLD ironed Neat clothes .
and before you start asking i don’t work with losers,homeless,mentally or physically impaired individuals.
and i don’t work with people in the jungles or woods where urban development is missed .

on the contrary , very highly educated ,motivated urban people.
today i noticed a lot of crumbled people in the streets too.
i guess its a new Hippy Cult that am not aware of :S:S

for the sake of the record: i don’t like this ,if it turns to be the new style or the cool CULT i will be totally out of fashion !
maybe i can join it while am asleep , PJs get crumbled anyways from the twist around i do while am asleep.


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