Nuit Blanch TO 2011-artistic event

Nuit blanch is an event that takes place annually in several cities around the world .
aiming to show sort of artistic installations .
nothing classical at all .

this is my first event and it took me a while to understand what i am actually seeing .
there are no pictures,frames ,paintings etc.
it is all about installation of different concepts and ideas in a theme or a scene .

still not getting the idea ?
here are some examples

piles of coloured woods .


the wooden police walls used in a circle .
what is this type of art called ? ma 3endi ay fikra


yellow caution tape used in an “artistic” way to build a wall ( 3la balhom) 😛


this was a BIG installation ! a w hole square managed with laser ,noise and light sensors , fumes
whenever the noise reaches a certain level the laser show starts and beats fast . whenever things becomes quite the laser show snoozes somehow.
it was amazing !


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