Toronto waterfront Marathon 2011

well i knew canadians are Athletic for an average layman.
it is like a daily necessity not just to work out but like be in a team or play a game passionately and invest in it .
today’s event proved me right 🙂
almost 23,000 people Ran the marathon !!! yeah 23,000 persons !!!!
between pro-runner,average,beginner and Kids too .

first male and first female crossing the finish line (Pros)

it was quite an amusing event for me , yet am not tempted at all to give it a run . not in a million years.
but the fact that a lot of people are putting their body in a tremendous amount of physical stress for several reasons just amazed me .
someone is running because : had it in their wish bucket,others wanted before turning 60,in honor of their loved ones,for the team spirit , why not lets see if i can do it spirit , if xx can do it why can’t i …etc
and they were all devoted and competitive to the last second.
people actually broke into tears when they finished .
other collapsed and after gaining their conscious back they were crying because they felt ashamed ?!!!!
of not being able to continue or because by failing they didn’t meet someone’s/themselves expectations !!!

they were so serious about the marathon as they were about their job performance .
and their supporters were too
some stayed standing and waiting for 8 hours !!!!!!!!!!

i think i made my point loud and clear.
they take their hobby/sport as serious as their paying jobs !
so next time you see the canadian team at the olympics winning .. we know why 😉


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