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محمد صبحي و رأيه في “ما بعد الثورة”..د

بعد الاستماع للمقطع اقتنعت ان هذا الرجل له فكر اعمق من مجرد التمثيل و الكوميديا
كلامه،رؤيته،اراؤه تستحق المشاهدة


Memorable Day

,and history making begins

Rashid almajid,Seriously !

lately i have difficulty remembering his songs rhythm or lyrics and i thought it is an early Alzhiemer form
but lately i figured it out .

same music ( Emarati rhytm and almost always same composer F.alsa3eed)
similarity in lyrics , you’ll almost always find such lyrics: Dubai,emarat,shams,3roos,fatmah,maryam,’6alam,dahar,gadar.
and ofcourse it is mexxed along with the usual scenario of 7ob shoag,wala3 w ‘3ayab,frag w safar,5eyana,abookom 3la abo al7ob (usual arabic song themes).

so when i listened to his latest hits i was so not impressed and couldn’t even remember the songs theme when they were done .

Messages in a bottle:
1-Rashid you used to make Great Hits when you USED to launch Normal albums , since you depended on Single releases i can’t remember a SINGLE GREAT HIT . i know it is my OWN opinion but for me it counts 😛

2-just a lil reminder : there are other music composers than Alsa3eed and waleed al shami out there .
and am sure there are other GCC poets that can use more word varieties

i’ll leave you of the two new hits i went across tonight:

wish tabi (salamtak 6al 3omrak ma nabi shai ) !!

اول لقاء مع منال الشريف بعد خروجها من التوقيف
على موقع العربية في اضاءات مع تركي الدخيل

Homeless Privacy intruded

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i know that some will say they are HOMELESS , which equals Privacy-Less !
but still i was so bothered watching a guy taking pictures for a sleeping homeless !
flickering with his camera all over the “homeless” guy..and the poor him asleep not knowing thats someone is capturing his profile for a pic .
i must admit that the homeless profile was so photogenic and the whole background was tempting
as if he was posing , but he wasn’t !
it wasn’t a pose it was the misery of his Real life. and since i love taking shots and so i wont be called judgemental i hang around for sometime to see if there was some sort of a deal or something, but there wasn’t .
the poor guy was genuinely sleeping and the photographer most likely is loading the images online by now !

i know “aish da5alni” ? why am i that concerned ?
i just felt bad , very bad about it .
just because he is homeless we assume we can rip his privacy and dignity off as well
BTW he is still a human being with rights just like YOU Mr.Photographer !

if i was you i would ask him for the photo and give him money or food , believe me he wont say NO .
just a thought for you

Turkey kicks the Israel embassedor OUT

as published in ALwatan newspaper

ARAMEX Courier service SUX -WARNING

that’s a warning am spreading for those who don’t know !
and i mean it , they do suck BIG Time in every way possible .

and i have two incidents not just one .
and the worst thing that they don’t care . they claim that they have a customer service department , that i believe their main job is letting the E mail send the auto reply and that’s it !!

First incident was back home (KSA ) With the cANADIAN EMBASSY AS they are the company delivering back your passport after getting the vISA .. IT WAS A NIGHT MARE !
I had to threat them literally to get my passport .

second is here in Canada . i thought things are way better here , after receiving a DHL package which was an amazing service compared to a poor one back home.
what sux not only that it is almost 2 weeks and the documents are not yet here (they call it 4 days service though) they also hire a third party courier to deliver their stuff and they call themselves out of the deal without even notifying the customer !

like me , i have an aramex tracking number only . and the tracking is frozen since the 28th of june and when you cal them they have no clue about your package !!!
and when i e mailed the operation manager her gave me the local courier number and asked me to deal with them :O !!!!!

and offcourse the third party is as bad if not worse than aramex !!!

am simply lost between Purolator and ARAMEX !
and my work is delayed for almost 2 weeks !!!!!!

Seriously Aramex go get a life !
or shall i say GO KILL YOURSELF !

am closing my shop&ship account NOW !

الهاتك بأمر الله- قصيدة اروع

لذات الشاعر عبدالرحمن يوسف .
متمكن جدا لغة و فكرا لذآ لم اصبر عن عرضها

مسبحة الرئيس- قصيدة رائعة

عبد الرحمن يوسف شاعر متمكن

Disappointment *SIGH*

as pressed in ALWATAN

is it ok ? banned ? am i gonna get kidnapped and jailed if i do so ?