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Turning 5 :O

well yeah my Blog is Five months old (Mashallah 3laih) 😉

and reached 5000 visitors at the same time !!

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i know 5000 in the virtual blogging world in a very small figure who others are scoring in hours not months. but for someone who was treating the blog as an archive where am saving my”stuff” so i wont lose it again with the next lap top crash this is something .

THANKS B , you are the one who introduced me to this world
and guided /stil guiding me through



Aint an Optic Illusion it is REAL

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in Qatar this was done ..
Nadala and Gerard !

Amazing work Doha (thumbs Up)

Delivery Room ..

I’ve been to many before for many reasons.
But attending it with someone you luv is totally a different thing.

Am emotionally blank for now
But the only thing I feel like saying is :
God Bless Epidural anesthesia !
And God bless who invented it.

Maybe Kumail can tell us who did 😉

Bye for now I should do some supporting and less blogging

Saudi car in market soon (i hope)

wether i like the design , concept , color or the fact that the first draft of Ghazal was a Body and the engine was German or not .
i find myself admiring the idea ..
at least someone is heading in the right direction .
Industrial engineering in whatever branch is what we are lacking in saudi . along with a lot of other stuff.
but seeing Businessmen investing in such branch Puts a BIG Smile on my face .

hope to see this car and maybe ride it if it is safe ofcourse before i die !

T.V Story

if there is a well there is a way !

Allah yewafigak ya m7ammad

such a Guy is a role model for all Youth not only the ones with special needs.

i don’t know you Mohammad but you put a very prooud smile on my face and day .



Yellow-Orange Ribbon

i think it is the ribbon Era .

Pink Ribbon : Anti-Breast Cancer Campaign ,Red is Anti-HIV ,Blue is Anti-Cjild abuse

this is the newest ribbon to the family

and it is Anti-Obesity Campaign ,started by the Gulf news team in order to CUT THE FAT .

and as a part of this drive , a reporter in the news took a bid to lose weight . Mohammed Alkhan on a diet and blogging about it in Here .

lets see how would it work for him 🙂

2010 Female leader in KSA IS :

in a ceremony took place in Effat College in Jeddah , Dr.Maha alMuneef received her award in being the leader female in public sector ,from Prince Lulwa alFaisal.

she received this award for being an activist and launching the first Saudi protective children and women anti abuse campaign.


Congratulation Dr.Maha



I have lots and lots of comments about the anti-abuse committee .

and it is not positive stuff .


New Dental Invention -Saudi Arabia

what we almost all hate in the dental clinic is the LONG  painful injections ! OUTCH.

the thought of it hurts !

what is this ?

this is the new invention . the new dental injection !

yep no long needle .

has been created and developed by two dentists in King Saud Dental college -Riyadh.

and the site says that this new injection applies the gell first and utilizes the fact that the mucosa is closely attached to the bone in the mouth and uses pressure to over come the pricking needle pain .

(sounds fine . i wonder if it feels ok as well).

Congratulation to the achievers and Great step for sciences and brains in Saudi .

Finally we are hearing Great achievement other than football 😛

i hope taht soon it is gonna be produced commercially and used as i have a tooth that needs to be filled . but i guess am gonna wait shwayya 😛

Qatar Amazing Proposal video

this video shows five virtual Stadium for the world cup.

Amazing Amazing Amazing  designs . i liked its concept and how it reflects them in a very modern way .

i’ll wait and see if the Real version will be anything closer to the video .