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Riyadh Rally tomorrow

NICE .. this is the way to go
especially when the weather is great 🙂

Saudi car in market soon (i hope)

wether i like the design , concept , color or the fact that the first draft of Ghazal was a Body and the engine was German or not .
i find myself admiring the idea ..
at least someone is heading in the right direction .
Industrial engineering in whatever branch is what we are lacking in saudi . along with a lot of other stuff.
but seeing Businessmen investing in such branch Puts a BIG Smile on my face .

hope to see this car and maybe ride it if it is safe ofcourse before i die !

Porche new model . Monster !

i just love it !
is this 2011 ? or just another conceptional design ?

and here is the video to enjoy the Details
thanx a lot Hussain

Good news for people using al jiser to Bahrain

7 seconds ???

tawqeet zu7al masalan ?

yalla lets wish its true inshallah 🙂

Replica Car -Qaweyyaaaaaa

we all know that there are replica watches ,bags,shoes and accessories

but to have a replica car , i was surprised sara7a ..

this video is my master piece  till now :

that’s for you if you are a khaleeji/Arab interested in Ferraris and Lumbos and will only buy your car from a sells man who’s pretending to be a “5aleeji” and dressed in a Thoab w ‘3utra !

Ps: video makers i would really advice you guys to work harder on you Adds , maybe a better back ground , younger guy and a decent dialogue !

he repeats the sentences like hell in the weirdest accent ever. couldn’t you at least edited that !

if you are Older or more “mature ” and looking for more Luxurious non sporty car then this is mostly what u r looking for :

aham shay el details w el external Critique !


even the Bugatti Veron got Cloned !!


well i don’t want to start judging people buying such replicas ….

but this aint a watch .. it is a CAR . Mechanics . Accidents , Injuries, Safety issues !!

but i am wondering about Authorities and Laws , those people Do have websites ,adds wear house in Panama and an office in Florida !

and they do ship all around the world !!!!!!!

am realy concerned .

and in one of the sites they had “Fazza3’s” Garage ..Yes 7amdan  bin m7ammad bin rashid. So what is their message from such a clip ?

the whole thing is shocking . to me at least .

FAKE CARS .. what’s next ?

Fake houses ? replica parents and siblings ??

Things i want to do #3

it is kinda of an old Fantasy , and before you start guessing it is a Driving fantasy 😉

yeah i know all car freaks will say , this is not a car !

it is a peace of crappy metal with minimal power , engine  and entertainment …etc

i don’t care

i have been wanting to drive it since i was 17 or younger .

not the hooded one

i want this ! the unhooded

or even the older model that used to come with no doors .. but now you can’t find it in new versions .

unfortunately it is almost impossible to find it in renting offices in GCC and in my family no one has it !!

still am gonna find a way and drive it soooooon inshallah


I built my own on

see it is serious . Ab’3aaaaaaaa

things i want /will do #1

ok this is a To d list ..

it is kinda of futuristic to do list with no time frame .

things i always wanted to do and for a reason or another i just didn’t .

so i will post every now and then something and will update it later with the word DONE whenever i do it.

my main problem is my memory , i tend to NOT remember stuff , so whenever i remember something i wil post it . it is random and not in importance scale .


the thing i want to do for so long is :

Motorcycle ! and it has to be a harley , ducacti or etha marra mafi amal yamaha 😛

and i want to ride it on a real street not the back of someone’s garage 😛

Saudis in The Audis :P


the song is the annoying type that u can’t stop singing 😛