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Great ideas N2 great web sites – 2

you love sharing secrets?
you enjoy listening to secrets ?
you wish you can let go of a burden by whispering it to the air ? or sharing it anonymously with a stranger?
or if you just like creative ideas and enjoy observing how unusual people can express themselves ,
you should give this site a visit

from an idea started 2004 to the largest advertising free blog on the web today .
that must be worth something.

the “inventor” started receiving secrets from all over the place .
from shocking , funny, simple,tearful, great,nasty,happy,irrelevant …etc
he has almost HALF A MILLION SECRETS ! in hard draft !!

wanna see more great one , watch the inventor’s talk on TED


Great ideas N2 great web sites – 1

very innovative and helpful.
how many times you lost your camera,phone or memory stick that contained treasured/captured moments ?!
well for me it always happen on the run and it is almost always the greatest picture of the trip 😦

this site WWW.IFOUNDYOURCAMERA.NET helps you find you stolen/lost moment .
well the guy receives the pictures and he simply post them on the site with some of the details like : where was it found(camera model,flash stick brand,location: city,hotel ,street ..etc)

so next time you lose your camera give this site a visit , it might bring it all back 🙂

Great ideas N2 great web sites – intro

ok this is a series of posts am planning to keep it going .
the idea behind it is simple : i find a web site with a Unique /Creative/Crazy/Unusual idea that has a positive impaction on people’s life , it get posted here !

i will keep it going and your suggestions are more than welcome .
as we all know internet is has a lot of function beyond social media web sites 😉

so unless the online shop is selling something unusual it wont be qualified ( just thought to make it clear in case 😉 )

LEGO Addict ? – TED Talk

if you played LEGO as a child and liked it ,still plays it on and off or you are the other extreme of a LEGO Adult Addict who is still attached to it
you’ll surely enjoy this video


very nice ,well done short clips



The Zanga Zanga Dance – lol

well now it has its own moves 🙂 Shababna every day u impress me more n more:P

25th Birthday Celebration


Google autocomplete-Funny

well he has a point ,i wonder what would we get in GCC if we started typing such stuff 😉 ?

is gay making us stupid ? (i always ask this+ does make us LAZY ?)
is Google gay ? looooooooool that’s a stupid THING

Riyadh Rally tomorrow

NICE .. this is the way to go
especially when the weather is great 🙂

Leopard in a Bank in Riyadh

and i don’t mean the OS leopard operating system of MAC .

did the bank look,smelled like the leopard’s original Habitat ?

the run away leopard are becoming somehow fashionable .
in UAE, QATAR and now Saudi Arabia !

that’s dangerously sad !!!!!