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Weed day /يوم التحشيش

well it is not only freedom of speech , conflict or disagree !
it is also the freedom to get HIGH on the streets and smoke under the nose of the goverment’s authority i.e police !

well i heard that they had a Mariwana day . only to discoveer today that they have two days to smoke and get high.
one is weed day which is today
and Marigwana day somewhere in May which is the more popular day !!!
and both are organized and kept tidy and clean by the police !!!!!!!

so i found out that today’s BIG spot was the Dundas Square which is 500 m from where i live
and i have to cross it to go to work ,or anywhere !
and thats how i got to know about the event .

so imagine going to work smelling like weed , i think they would understand .
i just hope that the breath holding technique worked otherwise i’ll be HIGH and am not sure how is this gonna be 😛


well i must admit that toronto is by far the “PROTESTERS” HEAVEN .
here you can basically protest about anything as long as you give the authority notice in advance.
every weekend there is this BIG protests that includes hundreds to thousands of people marching across the city main streets ( under the protection of police) so no one would interrupt the “peaceful” event !

this is one of the tiny protests just across my house about : Food colouring !

who said Saudi Females can’t !

Malak Thaqafi Surely can

this video has not a single second of propaganda.
i knew and still know Malak quite well and her Well is concrete !


i think that these creatures are one of the PRETTIEST if not the prettiest Animals out there .
am biased as i love them .
horse riding is one of my hobbies yet to master .
and owning my own horse is a life time dream (hopefully after “al ebte3ath” it might be doable).

those from the latest Khaldiya horse festival in Riyadh

if you are interested for more details you can visit their link

New canadian bank notes

more durable , resistant to washing machine and difficult to duplicate
looks good too
100 bill

اقتحام السفارة السعودية بدمشق

بعد قرار الجامعة العربية تعليق عضوية الجمهورية السورية
(السفارة القطرية ،القنصلية التركية و الفرنسية شهدوا اعتداءات مماثلة()

حج ٢٠١١ – الصور تحكي

Courtesy to Boston Big picture

The Crazy news !

i was shocked till i discovered it is a “silly” joke 😛

Governmental changes