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Nawwaf Bin Faisal Head of Re3ayat alshabab

Sultan bin Fahad is no Longer ra2ees re3ayat alreya’9a w alshabab in saudi (the autority representing and responsible for sports in the kingdom).
instead the Debuty Prince Nawwaf bin Faisal bin Fahad will be in charge as the Chief.


Diving – the ultimate Amusement

i miss diving , actually am craving to Dive 😦
so i went searching good pix and here are some

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diving in the red sea was a total amazingly Breathtaking experience .
i always thought am going to be an advanced /master diver
*SIGH* Unfortunately am still an open water one 😦

i wanna Go to Jeddah !

Riyadh Rally tomorrow

NICE .. this is the way to go
especially when the weather is great 🙂

Aint an Optic Illusion it is REAL

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in Qatar this was done ..
Nadala and Gerard !

Amazing work Doha (thumbs Up)

Marrat Sana -Jeddah’s version

as received on my BB:
مرت سنة و جدة يعشقها المطر
مرت سنة و الذكرى باقية ما انمحت

مرت سنة و القلب ذابحه المطر
و مرت سنة و المطر عيا ما استحى

مرت سنة و مرت سنة و انا انتظر
ومرت سنة و جدة نايمة ما صحت

مرت سنة و ما جانا من البلدية خبر
ودارت على كل البيوت الخطر

مرت سنة صابر و عذري بالصبر
شماتة اصحاب الثلوج و المطر

و مرت سنة و أخاف لا يروح العمر
و انا انتظر و المسك باقي ما انمحى

Qatar 2022 ,some are not happy for that !

this guy has a point somehow ..lets  see in 12 years he’ll change his mind 😛



a3sabak ya abo alshabab la y9eer feek shay bs 😛

Be careful Diving Beginners

2007 when i was taking my diving lessons i always wondered how come our  “hay2a” is not making a big deal out of this ?

females ,males  in bathing suites .

i didn’t bother much as we were a female team with one male guard only .

and 3 years later , seems like they started  realizing  the great “hazard” to religion and Culture this act contains.

am sure they were terrified !

God there was COURT and JUDGE !

for what ???

for diving lessons !!!!! certified and approved by the goverment !!!!

what is next ? when we are diving on a boat they will come in jet ski saying : ‘3a6i rasik ya 7urma ????!!!


AQUA SKipper

For beach Adrenaline seeker this is a new way to enjoy the waves and get ur body in shape.

Ozi ppl when it comes to beach activities You are the best !

i wanna see more Kite surfing ,ParaSailing and water skier in Jeddah and al5ubar.